​Managing resource consumption, supply chain and waste

​We have a responsibility to help protect our environment and focus our efforts into three key areas where we can really make a difference:  supply chain, resource consumption and waste management.

Supply chain

The distribution of products to our business has the potential to impact the environment and, as such, we have taken the decision to consolidate deliveries to our business in the Gulf.  Since this programme was launched in the UK, we have reduced our carbon emissions related to the delivery of goods by 33%, a figure verified by independent carbon management specialist, The Carbon Neutral Company.

Resource consumption

As the world's energy and water depletes, it is important to educate our people to minimise their consumption.  We raise awareness with our teams on energy and water conservation through on-site communications materials and, where possible, offer energy management as a service option to clients as part of our suite of facilities management services.

Waste management

We are not always responsible for waste management and recycling in our client sites, but work closely with our clients and their waste providers to ensure we fully understand the opportunities to maximise waste reduction within their premises.

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